health & safety

At Al Hana , we are committed to achieve Health and Safety excellence. We take into account our activities and those of our contractors for the well-being of employees and all those that are affected by our operations.

  • Taking responsibility for the care of our employees, contractors and all others by reducing the risk of harm to a minimum during work activities
  • To comply with and help formulate all Health & Safety legislation, codes of practice, regulatory controls and client requirements
  • To communicate our policies to our staff and stakeholders so that everyone knows and understands their responsibilities, are well trained and competent and are held accountable
  • To investigate and sharing best practice and efficiency improvements between divisions.
  • To monitor performance and report progress, aiming for continual improvement and preventing injury and ill health.
  • environmental policy

    As a responsible corporate citizen, Al Hana Engineering is dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources and the local and global environment. This Policy is based on the integration of risk based cost effective management practices into company activities with the aim of continually improving, environmental performance.

    committed to assess the environmental impact of its activities and products to base its environmental management programs, and to reduce these impacts through the establishment of appropriate controls and targets.In particular, Kilic Engineering will strive to achieve the following objectives through continued execution of its Environmental Management System.

    Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements.

    Our address

    C.R.No. 1319851, P.O.Box 3080, Postal Code: 112, Bawshar-Al-Misfah, Sultanate of Oman,